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Includes 2 Hours. Additional hours only $35 $25.

  • Our maintenance workers are well suited for the corporate world.
  • Get your to do list taken care of by a hardworking helper.
  • Hours get divided between the number of people we send you.
  • All of our useful helpers are background and identity checked for your security.
  • Purchased time is customizable to the tasks you choose during your purchased time.
  • No tools included. You must supply everything needed (unless you select a useful upgrade below).

$99.00 $74.25

  • How many hours would you like?
    • 0 $

    We recommend scheduling more time than what you believe is needed to make sure all tasks get done. Unused hours will be credited back to you.

    Not sure how much time you need? Ask us! We have extended hours through live chat (on the bottom right corner of your screen), or call us at 855-599-0050.

    • 23.63636364 $
    • 40 $

    Tell us what you need done to match you with the right person for the job. Please be detailed.

Our maintenance workers are hardworking individuals who can perform all the tasks of our hardworking helpers plus more. Our maintenance workers are well suited for the corporate world. They can perform tasks related to supplies management, such as monitoring inventory levels, ordering new supplies as needed and maintaining a log of supplies used and purchased. They could also temporarily perform duties usually handled by other employees as the need arises. For example, a maintenance worker at a hotel might help take luggage to a guest’s room or set up chairs and tables for an event. The tasks you request are only limited by the time you purchase.

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